We know that the word “sustainable” has an air of ambiguity to it, so let’s define what the word Sustainable means here at Roes. For us, sustainability means to not use virgin products that are damaging to our environment in their production and once they are discarded. This is a goal we are happy to say we meet currently, by creating a clean formula, using tubes made from sugarcane, and using non-virgin plastic, recycled paper and well as compostable and biodegradable mailers.

In the future, we’d like to incorporate customer-brand recycling systems (where we help you recycle our products once they’re done!), carbon accounting as well as to be able to be 100% carbon neutral and further develop our products to be the least environmentally taxing as possible. As eco-activist Jennifer Nini said, "We can’t just consume our way to a more sustainable world." We can however choose to consume more responsibly and ethically to minimise the impact of our consumption and offset as much as we consume!

Here is a breakdown of our sustainable components: 

Other than using non-harmful ingredients that could harm YOU, we also avoid ingredients that are detrimental to our environment! We are proud to say that our ingredients are free from, Silicone, Synthetic Fragrances, Triclosan, Phthalates, as well as BHA and BHTs all of which are known to be hazardous to humans but also aquatic plants and wildlife.

To learn more, click on our Ingredient List!

While looking for our packaging, we searched tirelessly to find a sustainable material that felt both luxe and functioned well, while also being sustainable. This pursuit led us to Sugarcane tubes! We chose sugarcane because it is not a petrochemical (obtained from fossil fuels such as coal which is not environmentally friendly) and is an alternative to plastic! While fossil fuels are finite, sugar cane is not. And while growing, Sugarcane actually ABSORBS Co2 emissions from the earth, adding to our goal of becoming Carbon Neutral! It was also very important for us that our materials are recyclable which Sugarcane is! The pump + cap of our product is made from non-virgin plastic, and are also 100% recyclable! 

It was important for us to choose paper materials that were recycled and not contributing further to the global problem of deforestation. All paper materials, like our unit box, greeting cards and anything in the future are all made from certified Recycled Paper! The shredded paper we use instead of bubble wrap, along with our eco-wrap (corrugated honeycomb paper) is all either made from recycled paper or is recycled newspaper! #lesswastemorelove

A lot of plastic goes into the packaging companies normally use to send out their products, but since we’re not about that life, we found 100% Biodegradable & Compostable mailers made from Cornstarch to use instead! Make sure to remove all sticker labels, and add the mailer to your compost bin! Our magic mailer is made from 100% Cornstarch and will degrade (in both home and industrial composting facilities or in regular soil) in 3-6 months without having detrimental effects on soil and the environment.